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Bill Gates' Net Worth Hits Record $90 Billion

Bill Gates is now worth $90 billion.

After gains in some of Gates’ public holdings, including Canadian National Railway Company and Ecolab Inc., the Microsoft Corp. co-founder’s net worth climbed to $90 billion on Aug. 22, according to Bloomberg Technology.

Gates, who is the richest person in the world, now has a fortune that is $13.5 billion bigger than the second-wealthiest person, Spanish retail mogul Amancio Ortega.

In terms of U.S. GDP, Gates’ net worth is equal to 0.5 percent.

Aside from being the richest person in the world, Gates and his wife Melinda are the second-biggest givers, according to Forbes.

In 2014, they donated $1.3 billion. Over a lifetime, they have given $31.5 billion to philanthropic pursuits, or 41 percent of their net worth.

Sources: Bloomberg Technology, Forbes / Photo Credit: Ben Fisher/GAVI Alliance via Flickr

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