Hillary Clinton: I'd Task Bill With Growing The Economy


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has indicated that, if she is elected to the White House, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would play a crucial role in revitalizing the U.S. economy.

On May 15, during a campaign event in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, the former secretary of State told the crowd her husband would be charged with more policy duties than an average White House spouse, ABC News reports.

“My husband, who I’m going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, ‘cause you know he knows how to do it,” Mrs. Clinton said. “And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out.”

The former first lady had previously signaled her husband would be tasked with finding new strategies to improve economic opportunities for working-class families. In early May, she made a similar vow to her Kentucky supporters.

“I’ve told my husband he’s got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this because you know he’s got more ideas a minute than anybody I know,” she said.

The former president has been stumping for his wife on the campaign trail. On May 12, Mr. Clinton ventured to Floyd County, Kentucky. Considered coal country, the audience was initially unfriendly towards the president, whose wife has vocally been opposed to the coal industry.

“I get this,” the former president told the crowd, according to The Washington Post. “I get it all.”

The former president, who had expressed his empathy for blue collar workers during his first successful presidential campaign in 1992, reassured the economically anxious crowd that his wife’s administration would not leave them behind.

“I think you’re better off imagining this: We got some more years where we’ll be able to mine coal,” he said. “There ought to be a transition period, and at the same time, we should aggressively move as quickly as we can to do what we’ve been doing and to learn to do something else and diversify this economy.

He added: "Don’t tell me we can’t bring different kinds of jobs. Don’t tell me you’re not smart enough to do it, and don’t tell me nobody over a certain age can learn this stuff.”

It is not clear how the former New York senator would officially use her husband in her potential administration. ABC News’ Clinton campaign correspondent Liz Kreutz posted a video on Twitter of the candidate being asked if she would appoint her spouse to a cabinet position.

“No,” she said, shaking her head.

Sources: ABC News, Liz Kreutz/TwitterThe Washington Post / Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

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