Patriots Coach Gives Backing To Boston Police


New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick used his press conference Oct. 14 to state his support for officers in the Boston Police Department.

Two officers were shot and severely wounded in an incident Oct. 12 in which the gunman, Kirk Figueroa, was killed, The Boston Globe reported.

“Before we get into Cincinnati, just on behalf of the team, we just want to send our – express our appreciation and support for the Boston Police Department,” Belichick said, according to The Boston Globe.

Kind of what they’ve been going through here the past couple of days, the injured officers, their families, just I can imagine – I can’t imagine but I can imagine – the amount of stress that that department has to deal with and their challenges every day and the difficulty of the situation that they’ve been put in. I just want to let them know we’re behind them, we appreciate them, we appreciate what they do for us and how they protect us and we’re there for them.

The coach’s comments came as the two officers, Richard Cintolo and Matthew Morris, remained hospitalized in critical condition. They have both undergone surgery.

Diego Morello, Figueroa’s roommate, described the 33-year-old gunman as secretive and interested in revolutionizing policing.

“Drapes over his window. Door always locked,” Morello said of Figueroa, The Boston Globe reported. “He had that military thinking, find out what he can about other people. Whenever the light turned or when I shined a spotlight on him, he would step back a second.”

Morello noted that Figueroa told him he did not like white people. When Morello moved into the house, Figueroa reportedly said he was glad Morello was Hispanic because he would not like a white person to be sleeping above him.

“He told me one time, ‘I dare one of these officers to try to shoot me. Imagine a white officer shooting another black officer. It’ll be all over the news. The governor will come. The mayor will come. You’ll have an exclusive,’” Morello recalled.

The shooting occurred when officers were called to the property to investigate a dispute between Figueroa and a third roommate.

Figueroa stated on his website he was a licensed private detective and an “elite” security expert. Both claims turned out to be false. Records show his application for an investigator’s license was rejected and an army spokesman confirmed he never undertook basic training.

Figueroa was not licensed to carry a gun. He worked as a constable, serving court papers.

Sources: The Boston Globe(2) / Photo credit: USA Today

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