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Bill to Ban Guns in Gas Stations in Wisconsin

Gasoline and guns apparently do not mix in Wisconsin -- a state lawmaker has proposed a bill to ban guns in gas stations.

Wisconsin recently became the latest state to allow for concealed carry of weapons, but Rep. Josh Zepnick said they do not belong in gas stations.

"This is a serious pattern of crime that has escalated, presumably due to tough economic times and the 'ease' of getting in/out of a gas station for criminal activity," Zepnick said in an email to Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

The bill would treat gas stations just like such sensitive places as courthouses, schools and stadiums where people cannot bring their weapons inside. Even Zepnick knows his bill has virtually no chance to pass the Republican-controlled legislature.

"In short, this is a work in progress," the Democrat said. "Isolating one form of business for certain protection is not easy from a Legislation standpoint. All I can do is keep trying."

Even Nik Clark, chairman of Wisconsin Carry, Inc., doesn't blame Zepnick for taking a shot at it (no pun intended).

"If I was anti-gun and I wanted to chip away at the law I would want to do it right away because in a year, reality will be well established that carry by the law abiding will present zero negative side effects," Clark said.


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