Bill Ansell Wages Christmas-Themed War On His Neighbors


On what should be a quiet road in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, neighbors are feeling uneasy. Bill Ansell, who is an electrician by day, is accused of using his powers for evil because has reportedly created an outrageous, violently-themed Christmas lights display that he maintains year-round.

“Any opportunity he has to make our life a hardship, he does,” resident Chris Hebda told ABC's “20/20.” 

Pamela Heck, another neighbor, agreed: “He’s an angry person that's very unstable.”

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Ansell refused to talk to “20/20.”

The spat started several years ago. Ansell used to have a beautiful light display, but one Thanksgiving Heck asked him to turn the lights off during dinner because it was so bright.

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“It was very unpleasant between us after that,” she said.

Two years ago, Ansell told Pittsburgh's WPXI-TV: “I used to have a beautiful Christmas display; they hated it. This is my display now. I don't think it's against the law to exercise your right to have your own display.”

Ansell’s home, which sits directly in the middle of a cul-de-sac, features Santa Clause peeing, a knife through the Virgin Mary’s head, a headless choir and Mickey Mouse hanging by his neck. Ansell also allegedly shines floodlights directly through his neighbor’s windows at night.

He has also tacked up vulgar signs attacking the township and his neighbors personally, including one that reads: “This display is dedicated to Ross Township. Shame on you for destroying my display that brought so much joy and happiness to so many people.”

The day after neighbor Tom White’s wife died, Ansell posted a sign that included mean remarks about her.

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“Why would somebody even do that?” White said on “20/20.”

The township has fined Ansell for code violations. In a statement to ABC News, president of the Ross Board of Commissioners Grant Montgomery said, "The Township has taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action.”

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In August, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld a court order requiring Ansell to clean up his yard.

“You're a prisoner on your own street right now,” White said. "It may come down to just leave the house empty and move."

Source: 20/20 / Image via 20/20


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