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Bikini Clad Women Subjected to a Body Cavity Search on Texas Highway Decide to Sue (Video)

Two women in bikinis were on their way home from a beach party when they were pulled over for speeding on the side of a Texas Highway on May 28. Brandy Hamilton, 26, and Alexandria Randle, 24, were suspected of possessing marijuana. According to the Houston Chronicle, the male trooper, Turner, called for backup and a female officer, trooper Bui, donned a glove - probing their genitals despite protests, grimaces, and tears from the two women.

"Don’t smoke weed in your car and you won’t have to go through this," said trooper Turner in response to numerous protests. Trooper Bui, meanwhile, inserted her finger into the second woman’s vagina, using the same glove that was used for the first woman. The entirety of the stop was captured on the officers’ dashboard camera and took 40 minutes.

Now Ms. Hamilton and Ms. Randle are suing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the sheriff of Brazoria County. Their lawyers argue that the stop was made to deliberately humiliate the two women and that their civil rights were violated. Hamilton even asked to cover up before leaving her car, to which the officer responded, “Don't worry about it. Come out here.” The attorney also argues the officers did not have probable cause.

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Officer Turner is heard radioing in, "One of them has got her zipper open on her pants of her daisy dukes shorts - whatever they are."

The female Trooper Bui was fired last week but the Trooper Turner stayed on, maintaining he had reason to order the cavity search when he saw the end of a blunt in the car and smelled marijuana.  

Sources: The Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle


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