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Bikini-Clad Women Beat Another As Crowd Watches (Video)

Some bikini-clad women were caught on video (below) assaulting another woman near the Saluda River in South Carolina while a crowd watched on March 15.

“No one defended me, out of the 30 people that were hanging around -- which is really pathetic in my eyes,” the 20-year-old victim, who has chosen not to be identified, told The State.

As the beating progresses on the video, an unidentified woman tries to break it up, but an unidentified man tells her not to touch anyone.

She continues to try to break it up. The women finally stop after the man says, "Everybody go, everybody go, everybody go."

The victim had a concussion and broken nose after the assault.

Arlindo Craft, Anns Leigh Hill and Megan Williams were charged with assault and battery by a mob on March 28, according to the South Carolina's Columbia Police Department.

The victim said the three women went to high school with her, and alleged that Williams and Craft had bullied her until a confrontation in the 10th grade.

“Megan said, ‘Why you been talking (bad) about me?'" the victim recalled. "I hadn’t seen her in months.”

“[The three women] paid their bond and they are out roaming the streets as we speak,” the victim added.

"The other one was just wailing on her face, wailing on her head, you know, on the back of her head," Ramy Williams, a friend of the victim, told WIS-TV. "It definitely could have killed her."

According to the police report, unidentified men recorded the assault.

"Seeing the aftermath was just insane, just the way that she had blood all over her face, two black eyes," Williams added. "You can tell that she's completely messed up in the face."

"Justice needs to be served. I think they all need to be locked up, and I think they need to get what's coming to them."

WARNING: Graphic raw video

Sources: The State,  WIS-TV / Photo credit: WIS-TV via YouTube

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