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Biker Group Providing Security For Young Victim After Child Molester Escapes Custody

As police continue their massive manhunt for escaped child molester Johnell Carter, a group of bikers in California is providing security for a young female victim of the suspect.

Last week, Johnell Carter escaped from custody while in a San Jose medical facility. Police immediately launched a massive manhunt for the suspect, and while they have yet to locate him, members of Bikers Against Child Abuse have stepped up to provide around-the-clock security to the young victim and her family.

A BACA spokesperson told CBS San Francisco that they plan to “do whatever we have to do to make this family feel safe, and we will do whatever we have to do to protect her.”

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Prior to his escape, Carter was set to appear in court next month on five counts of child molestation. Despite his charges, however, Carter was considered a minimum-security inmate, so lnly one deputy was guarding him when he escaped. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office says they are currently looking at how to change that protocol moving forward.

“Because he's a minimum security inmate, our policy says that only one deputy guards him,” Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. James Jensen told CBS San Francisco. “We are going to reevaluate that policy.”

In the meantime, members of BACA say they will continue to watch over the young female victim until Carter is apprehended.

“They're part of our family,” a BACA spokesperson named Hoss said.  “So, when a unique situation like this happens and they get scared, they can look out the window and see people they know -- people who love them.”

Sources: CBS San Francisco, CBS News / Photo Sources: NBC Bay Area, CBS San Francisco


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