Biker Gang Fugitive Stephen Ruiz Taken into Custody


It was a scene staight out of Tarantino movie -- or Sons of Anarchy. Hells Angels motorcycle gang member Stephen Ruiz, 38, known in the media as the "Biker Gang Fugitive," allegedly gunned down fellow Angel Steve Tausun, 52, during a funeral service in San Jose, California.

The funeral was for Hells Angels Chapter President Jeffrey "Jethro" Pettigrew, who was murdered by the rival Vagos Motorcycle Club last September at a Nevada casino.

According to San Jose police, Ruiz and Tausun got into a scuffle during the funeral which rapidly evolved into a physical altercation. That was when Ruiz pulled a gun and started firing.

Ruiz went on the lam after the fatal shooting, but police tracked him down to a local Days Inn hotel. A law enforcement task force surrounded the building and eventually brought Ruiz into custody.

Rey Bayangos, a worker at the Days Inn where police made the bust gave his account of the arrest to MSNBC. "They used the phone in the front desk, called and asked him to surrender peacefully, and he did," said Bayangos.

The DOJ considers the Hells Angels an outlaw club involved in drugs, weapons trafficking and violent criminal activity. The Biker Gang Fugitive is but one member of an estimated 2000 decentralized into 230 chapters that have spread nationwide.


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