Boy Learns A Lesson After Throwing Rock At Motorcyclist (Video)


A recent viral video shows a young boy being chased down and scolded by a motorcyclist after he throws a rock at the biker.

In the clip, the biker’s helmet cam shows him cruising along a road in England when suddenly, two boys on the side of the road appear to toss a rock at him. The motorcyclist, clearly shocked by what the boys did, slows down, stops his bike and chases them down.

As he catches up with the one child who threw the rock, the motorcyclist uses some choice words out of anger. The boy, at first, claims that he dropped the rock, but the biker isn’t buying it, and his fidgety hands and guilty face are proof that he knew he was in the wrong.

The biker scolds the boy for throwing the rock and makes sure he knows exactly what could have happened if the rock had hit the wrong place or caused an accident. The driver also makes clear that if damage had been done to his bike, the boy’s mother would ultimately have to pay for it.

Do you think the biker should have chased down the boy?

Sources: Fox 8 News, Right This Minute / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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