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Bigfoot Allegedly Shot, Killed in San Antonio Woods (Video)

Bigfoot has been found, photographed and DNA tested according to Texas man Rick Dyer, who claims to have preserved the creature’s body after shooting and killing it.

Dyer claims he killed the mythical creature over a year ago in woods outside of San Antonio and has released a picture of the monster’s head.

"I tracked a creature. I shot it," he said. "With tears in my eyes, I watched it take its last breath."

In an account of the incident, Dyer said that a number of people reported a “giant hairy beast” in the wooded area around San Antonio. To lure the beast, Dyer bought ribs from Walmart and nailed them to a tree.

Dyer later returned to the area with “Shooting Bigfoot” director Morgan Mathews and recalled how Bigfoot had walked right in front of them. Dyer chased after the creature and shot it.

A lab in Washington state has allegedly given the body DNA tests and 3-D optical scans to prove its legitimacy. Dyer has also enlisted an unspecified “top university” to stand by him in verifying the body as Bigfoot's.

So far, Dyer has only released a photograph of the creature’s head, though he has published a video on Youtube of people’s reactions to the body.

Sources: NY Daily News, Time


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