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Big Ups to MySpace Queen Tila Tequila's Anti-Fur Stance

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Our friends over at globalGrind have given Tila Tequila a place to speak her mind, and the Queen of MySpace has some harsh words for animal abusers.

Titling her post "Killing Animals is F**ING Wrong … It's That Simple," she's giving raccoons, bunnies, foxes, and all animals killed for fur a shout-out:

I don't know who those people are that have it in their hearts to skin an animal while [he or she] is still alive, but I hope that by promoting fur alternatives I'm doing my part to stop that needless suffering. You will never see me wearing a fur, and if you do, rest assured it's FAKE. If you love animals, you cannot justify wearing them. It's that simple. Remember, hot girls fake it … for the animals. I should know, cause I'm hot. Lol.

Yes, Tila, you are hot! And your heart of gold makes you even sexier (if that's possible). I would like to be the first to officially suggest that the charity work you are considering should include joining other sexy celebs such as Eva Mendes and Khloe Kardashian and using what your momma gave ya to rock our "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.


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