Big Milestone: Joseph Wilson Arrested for 100th Time

Milestones are important in life -- your 21st birthday, your 50th wedding anniversary, your 100th arrest. Wait, what? Yes, a proud man in Florida just reached that last milestone.

Joseph Wilson, 50 (another milestone!), was arrested last week after a security guard at a store in Port St. Lucie, Florida said he saw him trying to shoplift $174 worth of socks and underwear.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports this marks the 100th time Wilson has been arrested -- 37 felonies, 48 misdemeanors and 15 "other."

His conviction rate is pretty low; just 35%, including six felonies. That percentage needs to improve before he reaches his next milestone: 125 arrests (scheduled for some time in 2013).

This current arrest is another misdemeanor. Wilson reportedly told officers he is suffering through "hard times." He's being held on $20,000 bail.


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