Big Dog is Best Friends With Awkward Disabled Cat (Video)

Friendship can be found in the least expected places. When a cattle dog named Max met a disabled kitten named Ralphee, known as a “wobbly cat,” it was love at first sight.

Ralphee the wobbly cat is afflicted with feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder. Her cerebellum was underdeveloped at birth, leading to a lack of coordination and fine motor skills—hence the endearing “drunken sailor” walk.

When Ralphee was rescued from a barn at a horse stable, she found a companion in Max. The unlikely pair quickly grew inseparable. The awkwardly adorable video, which has gained over 1.5 million views, shows the bouncy cat jumping around as Max, four times her size, stands calmly by.

Ralphee can expect to live a normal feline life, as life expectancy for CH cats is the same as with cats without the condition. The disorder is non-degenerative, and can even improve over time. 


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