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Big Brother Attacks Man For Allegedly Trying To Rape His Sister (Video)

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Viral footage has been leaked of a man beating up one of his neighbors for allegedly attempting to rape his little sister. 

The video was posted on World Star Hip Hop and shows a man confronting a smaller man about trying to “rape his sister” while a group of people gather around, filming the event on their smartphones.

“Holy s***,” can be heard in the background.

The man was unsuspecting of the beat down that would ensue. Before long, he found himself on the ground after falling from a potent body slam. Once subdued, the big brother launches a series of punches and kicks to the man’s head until he becomes unconscious.

A third man tries half-heartedly to stop the big brother from beating the other man, but fails. The camera person can be heard saying, “That’s it, that’s it!”

Mad World News reports that the man was eventually sent to the ICU.

Sources: Mad World News, World Star Hip Hop / Photo credit: Mad World News via YouTube

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