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Biden Criticizes Trump's Leadership

Biden Criticizes Trump's Leadership Promo Image

Former Vice President Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump's leadership in remarks delivered Oct. 5.

Although Biden rarely mentioned the president's name during his remarks, it was clear where his criticism was aimed, CNN reported.

"We really worry that we're walking down a very dark path," said Biden, according to CNN. "It's not alarmist. We're walking down a very dark path that isolates the United States on the world stage and, as a consequence, endangers -- not strengthens -- endangers American interests and the American people."

Biden spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he was awarded the Zbigniew Brzezinski Annual Prize.

"The appeal to populism and nationalism is a siren song, a way for charlatans to aggrandize their power, raise themselves up, break down those mechanisms that are designed within our Constitution and internationally to limit the abuse of power and destabilize the world," said Biden.

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Biden criticized Trump's September speech at the U.N. General Assembly and compared the current situation to the periods prior to World War I and World War II:

Trading insults. Deploying taunting nicknames. Promising to "totally destroy" a country of 25 million people. Such erratic action only worsens the crisis and rejects the possibility of diplomacy and actively increases the risk of conflict ...

To stand in the well of the General Assembly and wave the flag of narrow nationalism while warning of a future vulnerable to "decay, dominion and defeat" marks a dangerous revision of political small-mindedness that led the world to consume itself in two world wars in the last century, and it abandons America's hard-won position as the indispensable nation, as a leader that inspires more than fear.

Also on Oct. 5, Trump fueled speculation among the press and politicians after describing a meeting with his top generals as "the calm before the storm," according to The New York Times.

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When asked what he meant, Trump remained vague, answering: "You'll find out."

Trump stated in the past that he would not publicly announce military operations in the Middle East or East Asia before they take place.

"We have had challenges that we really should have taken care of a long time ago, like North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, ISIS and the revisionist powers that threaten our interests all around the world," Trump added to military commanders. "Tremendous progress has been made with respect to ISIS, and I guess the media is going to be finding out about that over the next short period of time."

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