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Clinton And Biden Denounce Republican Health Care Reform

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden, both of whom served in former President Barack Obama's administration, criticized the Republicans' American Health Care Act (AHCA), which passed a House vote May 4.

The bill was supported by 217 Republicans, while the Democrats -- and 20 Republicans -- cast 213 votes against the measure, Business Insider reported.

Clinton posted a link on Twitter encouraging her followers to donate to the Democrats.

"A shameful failure of policy & morality by GOP today," Clinton wrote, according to Business Insider. "Fight back on behalf of the millions of families that will be hurt by their actions."

Biden was no less explicit in his disappointment.

"Day of shame in Congress. Protection of pre-existing conditions, mental health, maternity care, addiction services -- all gone," Biden wrote.

The bill will now be considered by the Senate, where Republicans have a majority. But its passage there is anything but certain.

One Republican senator told the BBC that finalizing a version of the legislation would be "near impossible."

Others pointed to the rushed character of the debate in the House, with the Congressional Budget Office not having been given a chance to come up with a financial estimate for the bill.

"Like y'all, I'm still waiting to see if it's a boy or a girl," Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said.

"Any bill that has been posted less than 24 hours … needs to be viewed with suspicion," Graham added.

Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming noted that the Senate would have "lots of amendments" to introduce.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn estimated that several weeks would be required for a bill to be produced.

Criticism of the health care bill has also come from medical groups.

"Our organizations, which represent over 560,000 physicians and medical students, are deeply disappointed that the U.S. House of Representatives today passed the [AHCA], an inherently flawed bill that would do great harm to our patients," a joint statement from six medical organizations declared, according to CBS.

The organizations represent family physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists, osteopathic physicians, psychiatrists, and medical students.

"Regrettably, the AHCA, as amended and passed by the House, violates our principles, dramatically increasing costs for older individuals, resulting in millions of people losing their health care coverage, and returning to a system that allows insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions," the statement added.

The organizations called on the Senate to abandon the AHCA and work to achieve "real bipartisan solutions to improve affordability, access, and coverage for all."

Sources: Business Insider via Yahoo! Finance, BBC, CBS News / Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Bern, Switzerland via Wikimedia Commons

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