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Biracial Philly-Area Family Has Been Receiving Racist Notes For Two Years

A Philadelphia-area family is reaching out to the public in an attempt to determine who has been writing racist notes and putting them on their van for the past two years. Krista Devonshire, who is white and has biracial children, said the family has received six notes in the past two years with the most recent note being found on Wednesday morning.

Devonshire was especially upset because the note referred to her 1-year-old granddaughter as a "welfare baby."

"My daughter is only 1 year old," said Daisha DeMarco, Devonshire's daughter. "If you are that low to target someone who can't even defend themselves, I don't understand what kind of person that makes you. A coward, a very hateful person. Someone who must have so much hate for themselves to be doing something like this.”

The note also said, “2 [n-words] were enough. Now you have a [n-word] baby and an [n-word] toddler. Get out of here we do not want [n-words] around here."

The Devonshires say that some of their neighbors have been receiving similar notes as far back as 10 years ago, Fox News reported.

“I want justice served," Krista said. "I want to find out who is doing this."

Sources: Fox News, My Fox Philly


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