'Beyond Violated': Mother Makes Disturbing Discovery Online, Alerts Authorities


A Utah mom says she feels “beyond violated” after she found fake social media profiles using photos of her and her children.

Brittany Champagne was browsing through Instagram Wednesday night when she stumbled upon a picture of her 8-year-old daughter on someone else’s profile, KUTV reported.

“I clicked on there and I found a girl claiming to be 11-years-old as my daughter, and she’s a bisexual cheerleader and her whole page is about gay pride,” Champagne told KUTV.

But that wasn’t all.

The concerned mother continued searching through Instagram and found that the profile also contained pictures of herself and her 9-month-old son with hashtags of pornsites next to the photos.

“My kids are all over at least 11 porn sites that I’ve found today,” Champagne said.

Champagne reported her findings to Unified Police and has been working to have the photos of her children taking off social media.

“I can’t imagine how my kids would feel,” she said. “I feel beyond violated, so I don’t even know what they would feel.”

Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal told KUTV that investigators can’t do much at this point because no actual crime was committed. He added that this was a good reminder to everyone of the potential dangers of posting pictures on the internet.

It is unclear how the photos were taken from Champagne’s Facebook page, which she says is only visible to friends.

“I seriously feel like the worst mom having put these on there and seeing what happened,” Champagne said. “I didn’t feel that posting family photos could turn into something like that."

Sources: KUTVABC 13

Photo Credit: Screenshot from KUTV, Jason Howie/Flickr


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