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Beyonce Twins Reportedly Premature, 'Under The Lights'

Beyonce and Jay Z's twins have been born, but the newborns are still shrouded in mystery.

While Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, confirmed the twins' arrival on Twitter, the babies have yet to be seen, and neither Jay Z nor Beyonce has put out an official statement regarding the birth, Dearly reports.

It was recently revealed the twins may have been born prematurely, according to TMZ.

The babies are rumored to be "under the lights," referring to a special light therapy using bilirubin lights, which are designed to lower the level of bilirubin in the babies' blood, which treats a newborn's jaundice.

The condition, which is commonly seen in premature babies, is generally not dangerous.

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Some are reporting the twins are fraternal, a boy and a girl, but there has been no confirmation of the twins' genders.

Former President Barack Obama congratulated the couple on their "girls," according to The Sun.

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Fans had anticipated that the twins would be a boy and a girl after several photographs of Beyonce wearing pink and blue.

In the photo announcing her pregnancy, Beyonce wore a purple bra and blue underwear. In another image posted to Instagram, the expectant mom wore a large set of earrings with blue and pink crystals.

It was also reported that the couple would allow their 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to wear a nurse costume and come into the birthing room, so that she wouldn't become jealous of the two little ones.

On June 19, Jay Z was spotted out and about in West Hollywood, California, the first he has been seen away from the hospital since Beyonce reportedly gave birth, reported TMZ.

It was unclear what the rapper was doing, but he was seen leaving a building that has a SoulCycle.

The rapper is reported to have flashed a smile, which might give a positive sign about the condition of the newborn twins.

No photos have been released of the babies, and it's unclear what their names are as of yet. It isn't even fully clear what day the twins were born -- though fans noted that Beyonce was spotted leaving her home and there was an increase in security at a nearby hospital on June 14.

Beyonce had not made an appearance at New York's Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards on June 15, and fans speculated she had already given birth and was keeping it private, while posting images to social media to throw fans off the trail.

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