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Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake May Do Gun Buyback for Concert Tickets

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake want you to trade in your guns in exchange for concert tickets!

The three music superstars are in talks with the Guns for Greatnessprogram to exchange guns for concert tickets.

This program is being run by Michael Williams, who manages Cee Lo Green and Outkast. It will be New York City’s first private sector gun buyback program. Williams chose to work with Beyoncé, not only because of her popularity, but also because she has voiced her support for gun control measures in a recent public service announcement.

Williams said:

“The Beyoncé show is coming to Brooklyn; the Jay-Z show is coming to Yankee Stadium. Our goal is to reach out to individuals who are in my industry, in my world and who I have an association with and get their support. I think we should all work together to help get guns off the street.”

The New York Daily Newsreported that New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is considering the program and said:

“We want to get as many guns off the street, and if this works, we’d like to support it.”

He also did say that more research had to be done and that police involvement would be necessary if this is going to be done.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Timberlake haven’t officially signed onto this yet.

Written by Michelle Wincott


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