"Beware" of Gay Day at Disney World


Saturday was "Gay Day" at Disney World in Orlando, but not everyone was happy with the proclamation. A group called the Florida Family Association spent $7,000 to fly a large banner over the park "warning" people that gays were in their midst.

The Advocate writes that the group announced on its website:

Thousands of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders will converge on Central Florida the first week of June to celebrate their immoral lifestyles.

"Gay Days" is a two-decade tradition, with Saturday spent at Disney World, reports WESH-TV.

The conservative Christian group also took Doubletree by Hilton Orlando to task for being the official hotel for the six-day Gay Days:

Many American families are offended by the public celebration of such immoral and irresponsible behavior. They are also displeased with companies like Hilton that allow their corporate image and goodwill to legitimize these events and their associated immoral behavior.

Gay Days brings in some $150 million in tourist dollars to the area.

"The economy is improving because what Gay Days brings into it," president of gaydays.com Chris Alexander-Manley said. "Our crowd behaves better than most convention crowds, so come on out and see what it is really about."


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