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Better Place Opens Battery Swap Station at Tel Aviv Station

In brief: Better Place has opened its first fully-operational battery swap station. The station is open to the public in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The word

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The battery swap station, modeled after the successful trial station in Tokyo, is the first full-time battery swap station Better Place has opened so far. It is part of the company's Tel Aviv, Israel EV Demonstration Center, which opened last year.

The company plans to deploy 39 more of these stations throughout Israel in the coming years and will be going worldwide with them as well.

The station, and several public charging stations situated throughout the country, is in place to mark the arrival of Better Place partner Renault and their Fluence ZE electric sedan. These go on sale in Israel and Denmark later this year.

Erecting the stations in the United States, however, could be a problem. Bureaucratic requirements may make the issue untenable and so far, Better Place has focused on battery charging stations rather than swaps here.

And so ...

With all of the talk about "green initiatives," maybe someone will make some changes to allow a swap station to more easily open in the U.S.?

Photo credits: Better Place


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