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‘Best Subjects’ Shirt Pulled From Children’s Place Shelves Following Sexism Claims

A new T-shirt that hit the shelves at The Children’s Place just in time for back to school was quickly brought back to the stock room after some began calling the shirt sexist. The text on the purple “best subjects”-themed-shirt checks off the boxes next to shopping, music and dancing but leaves the box next to math unchecked — therefore meaning it is not a “best” subject. Underneath the unchecked box is written, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

@AIsForOrg, a group dedicated to women's reproductive rights and choices, tweeted “Really, @ChildrensPlace? Really??,” along with a picture of the shirt.

The Children’s Place quickly responded to the sexism allegation on Twitter.

“We take feedback from our customers seriously. We pulled the T-shirt from our stores and express apologies to anyone we may have offended.”

The company’s Facebook page reflects a number of different opinions.

“So glad you pulled that anti-intelligent-line of T-shirts. Wow, what a shocker to see girls being put down so openly,” a woman named Nora Thompson posted.

Brenda Lederer did not seem as offended.

“The controversy over this shirt is ridiculous! My children's self worth is taught at home and is not deterred because of a shirt. Everyone needs to get off their high horse and grow a sense of humor!” Lederer wrote.

“Apologizing to a bunch of attention seeking insecure nit wits? The normal people aren’t going into a tail spin over the shirt. It’s a kids shirt; buy it or don’t,” Stephen Edward Olschewske said in his post.

“Everyone seriously needs to calm down about this subjects T-shirt. It is just a T-shirt seriously calm down, and it is not sexist, there are many T-shirts for boys that have the same idea as this one. Does the T-shirt say that girls are bad at math? No it doesnt [sic],” Peter Karejwa also wrote on the Facebook page, The Blaze reported.

Sources: The Blaze, The Boston Globe


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