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Bernie Madoff Continues to Charm, Tells Victims "F**k You"

Prison has apparently not made Bernie Madoff any less of a jerk. According to a published report, the convicted Ponzi schemer still feels no sympathy towards the people he ripped off.

New York magazine is reporting that during an incident with another inmate who lashed out at him for stealing $65 billion from his investors, Madoff sneered, "F**k my victims. I carried them for 20 years, and now I'm doing 150 years."

When another convict told Madoff that stealing from old ladies was "kind of f***ed up," Madoff coolly replied, "Well, that's what I did."

The magazine reports Madoff is seen as something of a legend to his fellow criminals in the federal prison in North Carolina. Drug dealers and other criminals regularly go to Madoff for business advice, which he happily gives them. They see him as a success.

"If I'd lived that well for 70 years, I wouldn't care that I ended up in prison," one convict said.

Madoff's high-flying days are certainly over. He makes a whopping 14 cents an hour sweeping prison floors. He lives on $290 a month. His favorite purchases are mac and cheese (60 cents), cans of Diet Coke (45 cents) and a Timex watch ($41.65) -- a far cry from the pricey Rolex watches he used to collect.

The magazine says inmates ask him for autographs, but he refuses to sign because he thinks they'll wind up on eBay, and he doesn't think it's fair that others should make money off him.


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