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Berlin May Legalize Possession of up to 1/2 oz. of Marijuana

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(Der Spiegel) A new marijuana policy could make it legal for individuals to posses up to 15 grams (0.5 ounces) of the drug in the German capital. The regulation would make Berlin among the most cannabis-friendly in Europe.

German federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana beyond a “small amount” but leaves it up to the states to determine exactly what that amount should be. Most states, including Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin, define a “small amount” as 6 grams. Until now, Berlin has allowed the possession of 10 grams.

If the proposed measure goes into effect, Berlin’s marijuana laws would be among the most liberal in Europe. In the Netherlands, individuals are allowed to possess just 5 grams for personal use without fearing prosecution. In Belgium, it is 3 grams. The Czech Republic recently passed the most liberal drug laws in Europe, allowing individuals to grow up to five cannabis plants or be in possession of as many as 20 marijuana “cigarettes.”

When I was growing up, Berlin was a symbol of oppression, a huge wall running down the middle of it separating the enlightened West Berlin from the oppressive East Berlin. Today it seems like Berlin reunified is a symbol of enlightenment* and so many cities here in the “Land of the Free” are symbols of oppression.

*Not just for a tolerant cannabis policy, but for embrace of solar energy, health care for all citizens, and sensible policies regarding prostitution as well.


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