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Bennettsville, South Carolina, Police Officer Filmed While Playing Football With Local Kids (Video)

A video (shown below) featuring a police officer from Bennettsville, South Carolina, playing football with African American kids has gone viral on Facebook. According to The Blaze, CJ Mullinax was driving through a housing development in the northern South Carolina town when he pulled over to play catch with a group of kids.

Mullinax told WPDE, “Kids started waving and I was like, ‘Hey, I have worked hard enough for today, so I’m gonna stop to hang out with the kids for a little while.

“(We) started throwing the ball back and forth, and they wanted to get a game — I had to be all-time quarterback,” he continued.

With so many police brutality videos gaining the spotlight recently, this heartwarming video earned millions of views in a matter of hours.

Lorenzo Adams filmed the scene and posted it to Facebook on Tuesday. It has nearly 4 million views and over 100,000 shares already.

Adams posted the video with the caption, “Cop in Bennettsville, South Carolina Caught on Video!!!!! Just driving by and witnessed this,,,, had to video Because of all the other videos out there,, please SHARE so people can know what kind of Cops we have in this town!!!!!"

Bennettsville City Police Chief Larry McNeil told WPDE that he was pleased with Mullinax’s interaction with the kids, but wishes more officers would interact with their communities.

“This is what I think I was hired to do,” McNeil explained. “To come here and make our community, our community. You know, we live here too. We have family here, we have friends here, so why wouldn't we do these things? Even though they see us in our uniforms they still have to see us as humans.”

Mullinax has been in law enforcement for three years but has been with the Bennettsville City Police for a year.

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Photo Source: ABC News


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