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Ben & Jerry's Could Develop Pot-Flavored Ice Cream (Video)

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It’s possible that ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s could produce a wacky new flavor in the future: pot-flavored ice cream.

Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield said in an interview with The Huffington Post on HuffPost Live in February that they’d consider making a “cannabis edibles” flavor where it’s legal.

“Makes sense to me,” Cohen said. “Combine your pleasures.”

Greenfield noted that he and Cohen have had previous experiences with substances and that legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing because people will no longer go to jail for “not hurting anybody else.” Greenfield said he’s very supportive of that.

In an email, Ben & Jerry's spokesperson Sean Greenwood discussed the possibility of the new flavor.

“There’s nothing going on from the company, not discussion nor development, in regards to a cannabis concoction,” Greenwood wrote.

Greenwood added that the company has its hands full with its new Cookie Cores flavors and its new Tonight Dough flavor with Jimmy Fallon. Greenwood wrote that the company is also focusing on a climate activism tour.

Sources: Diply, USA Today / Photo Credit: Diply


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