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Ben Goldsmith Pulls Stag Party Joke on Friend Alex Tulloch, has Police Arrest and Detain Him

Ben Goldsmith recently pulled an elaborate stag party prank on a soon-to-be groom, his friend Alex Tulloch.

The prank began after Tulloch went to bed in the fancy Erwin Hotel in Venice Beach, near Los Angeles, after a night on the town with his stag party.

The next morning, a police squad car drove up to the hotel. Two uniformed LAPD officers went up to Tulloch's room and put him, and two friends, in handcuffs with no explanation.

The three men were then taken to a police station and held two hours in separate cells with scary-looking tattooed felons.

Tulloch explained to that police officers he was supposed to get married in London the following week, but was told it could be two weeks before he would see a judge.

After two hours the three men were escorted into an interrogation room. That's when the rest of their friends, who had been watching through an one-way glass, came into the room to reveal the joke.

"You’ve been Punk’d!" yelled Goldsmith.

Apparently, the joke was planned through one of Goldsmith’s friends in show biz, who lent  him a set from a TV show which is designed as a police station, including police cars.

Eight people were involved in the prank, including two real off-duty cops who had permission to take Tulloch and his friends from their hotel rooms. Two actors played the tough-looking felons.

One the friends, Duff Gordon, told the Daily Mail: "At the very beginning I had a tiny suspicion it was a prank, but as it went on, all those doubts disappeared because it was just inconceivable that anyone would go to these lengths. I clearly underestimated Ben and the others."

"In the back of our minds, we thought this must be some horrible mistake and in time it would get sorted out, but the talk of being kept there for two weeks was especially devastating for Alex, because he was getting married a week later."

"I wasn’t too pleased with Ben afterwards, especially as Leo and I weren’t even the groom. Apparently they wanted to make it more convincing and also to have someone there that Alex knew, so he didn’t feel absolutely on his own."

However, Tulloch, his bride and her parents didn't see the funny side. They threatened to disinvite Goldsmith (pictured below), but allowed him to come to the wedding.

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