Ben Carson: RNC Official Attempting To Pick Own Nominee


Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson does not believe the GOP front runner, Donald Trump, is being treated fairly.

The retired neurosurgeon, who endorsed trump for the presidency on March 11, accused the Republican National Committee of dismissing the will of the electorate. Serving as a Trump campaign surrogate, Carson discussed the possibility of a GOP contested convention with MSNBC's Chuck Todd.

Voicing disapproval for how the Republican establishment and the “Never Trump” movement were contradicting the popular vote of the GOP primary, Carson called for reflection.

“Everybody needs to recognize this country is built around the will of the people,” Carson said in the interview, according to The Daily Caller. “And all of these pundits and big time political people need to stop for a moment and say, ‘Do we really care about what the people want?’”

Todd asked the Trump surrogate whether he believed RNC had been fair to anti-establishment candidates during the primary.

“I think they think they are fair,” Carson responded. “But no, I don’t think so. I think they try to pick and choose who the candidates should be and they… focus attention and help to certain people, other people they try to ignore.”

Todd then broached the potential of a contested convention.

If Trump fails to secure the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination, the RNC could convene a second ballot and sway unbound delegates to abandon the business mogul and give the party nomination to Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

“Are you concerned that if Donald Trump does not get in the first ballot that the RNC will do whatever it takes to stop him?," Todd asked.

"If they try to undermine the way of the people, they will have not only destroyed their party, but they will fundamentally change the mind of the United States of America," Carson responded.

Republicans opposed to Trump as the presidential candidate have been mounting a concerted campaign to deny the business mogul the party nomination. For instance, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida requested the delegates he gained during his failed campaign be locked down so they could not go to Trump during the first round of convention voting.

“Of course, he’s no longer a candidate and wants to give voters a chance to stop Trump,” Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos told Fox News.

Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, another former candidate and current Trump surrogate, warned that wrestling the nomination away from the business mogul would be disastrous for the party, Asbury Park Press reports.

“The party are the people who belong to the party and vote in the primary,” Christie said. “It not the people in Washington, D.C., and on K Street and on Capitol Hill in those offices.”

Sources: Asbury Park PressThe Daily Caller, Fox News / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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