Ben Carson Links Women's Lib Movement to Ferguson (Video)


Ben Carson, a possible GOP presidential candidate in 2016, recently tried to link the Ferguson, Mo., shooting of Michael Brown to the women's liberation movement.

According to, Carson made his comments on the American Family Association's radio show “Today’s Issues” last week when the topic was Ferguson (audio below).

“Certainly in a lot of our inner cities, in particular the black inner cities, where 73 percent of the young people are born out of wedlock, the majority of them have no father figure in their life," said Carson.

"Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority. So now you become a teenager, you’re out there, you really have no idea how to respond to authority," added Carson. "You eventually run into the police or you run into somebody else in the neighborhood who also doesn’t know how to respond but is badder than you are, and you get killed or you end up in the penal system.”

“If the so-called leaders were really interested in the community, they would be trying to deal with that problem, because that’s happening every single day,” stated Carson.

Carson did not say exactly how "so-called leaders" could stop unmarried people from having consensual sex and pregnancies.

“Today’s Issues” host Lauren Kitchen Stewards then explained how young people should be taught to obey authority. She also complained about a "sense of entitlement" among the younger generation.

“I think a lot of it really got started in the '60s with the ‘me generation,’" claimed Carson. "'What’s in it for me?’ I hate to say it, but a lot of it had to do with the women’s lib movement. You know, ‘I’ve been taking care of my family, I’ve been doing that, what about me?’ You know, it really should be about us."

USA Today reported earlier this year that almost two times a week between 2005 and 2012 a white police officer killed a black person, per the states' self-reported numbers to the FBI.

There were an average of 96 killings of black men by white police each year, but that doesn't count the states that chose not to self-report, which means the actual number is likely larger.

Sources:, USA Today / Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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