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Teens Viciously Stab Live Donkey In Nativity Scene

Two teenagers in Cwmbran, South Wales have reportedly been arrested for stabbing a Nativity donkey 16 times.

According to reports, Cheeky the donkey, a favorite among local children, was set to star in a Christmas show the following day, but overnight, two 17-year-old males allegedly went to the farm where Cheeky lived and stabbed her 16 times.

The teenagers were reportedly arrested on Christmas Eve and have since been released on bail, but the local community is still reeling from the random act of violence.

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“It was abhorrent that someone could do this to an innocent animal - especially before the nativity,” Elizabeth Burns, manager of Greenmeadow Community Farm, said of the incident. “As well as being upset that Cheeky has suffered we are really disturbed. Our focus is on monitoring Cheeky and nursing her back to health. It is a shame that we are having to hide Cheeky away while she gets better because her appearance could upset the children who visit the farm at this time of year. But the show had to go on and all the other animals performed well without their friend Cheeky.”

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Cheeky was reportedly the only animal at the farm that was injured in the cruel act of violence.

“We have arrested two male suspects aged 17 who have been bailed pending phone and forensic examinations,” a Gwent Police spokesperson. “We are renewing our appeal for anyone with information about the attack to contact us.”

Sources:Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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