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'That's My Baby': Beloved Dog Leaves Home To Visit Owner In Hospital

An Iowa family was devastated when their beloved dog went missing, but the next day, they discovered that the dog had gone to visit one of her owners in the hospital despite never being taken there before.

Reports say that Dale “Bucko” Franck took his dogs Sissy and Barney out for a walk last week, but minutes after arriving home, Franck noticed that Sissy was gone

“I was scared to death and I was crying,” Franck told Iowa Public Radio. “I’m sorry, but that’s my baby.”

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After hours spent searching, Franck remained hopeful that Sissy’s dog ID chip would help them locate her. The next morning, however, Franck received a shocking call from a security guard at Mercy Hospital, 20 blocks from his home, saying that his dog was found there that morning. Amazingly, Franck’s wife Nancy was staying there to be treated for cancer, and Sissy somehow found her, despite never having gone there before.

“I didn’t believe him at first, but it’s not something you can make up,” Nancy’s daughter Sara Wood said. “That’s where she was.”

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Sissy was able to go up to Nancy’s room and see her beloved owner for a brief moment before being taken back to the house.

“We could only stay a few minutes but I’m sure she enjoyed every second of that few minutes,” Wood recalled. “I’m sure that Sissy went home and told Barney, ‘Guess who I got to see and what I got to do and where I went?’”

Sources: The Blaze, Iowa Public Radio / Photo Source: Iowa Public Radio


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