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Belgian Restaurant Charges Mom For 'Electricity' After Warming Baby's Bottle

Gitte Denteneer’s Twitter account carries the subheading “pictures say more than words,” and that’s what the Belgian mom is trying to prove to a Leuven, Belgium, restaurant that, she says, charged her for warming up a bottle of milk she wanted to feed to her 2-month-old son. 

The Daily Mail reports Gitte Denteneer was so shocked by the charge she posted a photo of her receipt to her Twitter account. That picture, which shows she was charged half a euro — or about 54 cents — for electricity, has since gone viral, generating some negative publicity for the Rubens restaurant.

“Euro 0.50 on the bill because you are warming up the bottle for your 2-month-old baby,” reads the Daily Mail’s translation of Denteneer’s tweet.

Twitter users have responded the picture, including one who called the restaurant’s manager the “stingiest boss in Europe.”

Denteneer said she assumed that because she and her lunch companion had purchased food and drinks, totaling over $30, the restaurant management would have no problem warming a bottle for her. 

“We were flabbergasted,” Denteneer told a Belgian news agency, according to the Daily Mail. “This is a very mean gesture.

“I have never heard of a restaurant billing people for this service,” she added. “I will not be going back.”

Gerrit Budts, a representative for Horeca Flanders, the company that owns Rubens, told that the charge, while allowed, is highly unusual. 

"It's permitted, if the extra charge is listed somewhere or the customer is informed verbally,” Bundt said. “However, it is not normal practice. In most establishments this will be included in the normal service that is provided free of charge.”

News stories and Denteneer’s tweet give no indication if the mom was informed of the charge prior to it appearing on her bill. 

Sources: Twitter: Gitte Denteneer, Daily Mail,

Photo Credit: Twitter: Gitte Denteneer


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