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Being nice is more fun than being nasty.

I start my morning the same way everyday. The alarm clock sounds. I wait hopefully for it to crumble into a trillion little pieces before turning it off and reminding my sister that she needs a shower. Then I "sleep" for the next fifteen minutes. I guess you could call it sleeping, but I prefer giving it the name of excess laziness. There are days when I spend these fifteen minutes waiting for a disaster to hit our school. It never works. The one time we had a 'bomb drill' it was simply a fuss over a paper bagged lunch left on the sidewalk. Pathetic. Thrilling, but still pathetic. There are days when I wish I was homeschooled. They don't happen very often anymore, I've since given up all hope in it, and have actually started to fear the idea of my mom teaching me. Chances are, if it ever happened, I'd be dead in a week. Something about being hung by the neck in our basement doesn't sound pleasant. I'd also like to point out a problem with some homeschoolers and public schoolers: Would it kill to be nice for a change? You have one side saying that parents know nothing about their children, and another saying that teachers are arrogant and unqualified. I'd like to clarify something. Parents: Your realm is authority. You rule the household. You've braved stinky diapers, pillow forts, screaming fits, and more. Teachers: Your rule the classroom. You are the boss of that room and on various occasions you have very naughty employees. You've braved piles upon piles of projects, boring assemblies, picture day, and more. Why fight? You both faced horror stories born of young children and teenagers, who tend to dislike teachers and parents for absolutely no reason at all. You have a bad habit though, and your bad habit is making yourselves sound like six year olds fighting over the same action figure. The only difference is that your brains are developed enough to create statistics to back your opinion. This battle isn't good for you, it's about time you realized that no one's winning. Be nice to each other, because being nasty is no fun.


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