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Beijing Woman Wears Fake Baby Bump for Seat on Subway

The subway in Beijing is known for being one of the most crowded modes of public transportation, forcing many to stand and squish into each other like sardines.

One woman tried to escape this dilemma by pretending to be pregnant so she could have a seat.

She purchased a fake “baby bump” from a manufacturer, and is now filing a complaint to the Chinese commercial bureau after the silicone device failed to convince Beijing subway passengers.

While many believed she was pregnant, it wasn’t until the belt tying her fake stomach to her waist came loose and the stomach fell off that passengers really knew what was going on.

The woman, Zhang, said she paid 300 yuan ($50) for the baby bump and it was supposed to be “very realistic.”

It’s reported that she bought the bump online, but it’s not known where she purchased it. One website, called, sells silicone stomachs for acting purposes, with prices from 300 to 1,650 yuan.

Liyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau rejected her complaint, saying she had “not purchased or used commodities, or received services, as a consumer should for daily use.”

Since her attempt at getting a seat failed, she has been ridiculed and scorned in the country, where more than 2.1 billion ride the subway.

One newspaper in China, called The People’s Daily, devoted an entire editorial to her on Wednesday called “Fake pregnant woman exposed.” They ridiculed her for complaining to the company and for attempting to pull off the stunt.

One user said, “This is the most shameless complaint in history.”

“I can’t believe how disgraceful this woman is,” another said.



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