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Behavior of Missing Oregon Boy Kyron Horman's Stepmom is "Unusual"

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We can't stop thinking about missing second grader Kyron Horman. He's been missing for seven days. But why haven't his parents spoken out yet?

Kyron's parents have not gone on camera to make a public plea for their son. C. W. Jensen, a retired Portland, Ore., police detective, said that's not unheard of -- but it's not the norm, either. "Generally, parents in cases like this are incredibly distraught," he told KATU. "They're almost just dysfunctional."

Kyron's stepmom has gotten criticism for posting trivial messages on Facebook (such as, "Hitting the gym tomorrow") since her stepson has gone missing. She didn't change her profile pic to one of Kyron for six whole days -- even though her husband and countless friends and concerned strangers all did.

Can you even IMAGINE being on Facebook if your child was missing? It's unfathomable.

Jensen said that the stepmom's Facebook activity -- especially the stuff about "hitting the gym" -- is unusual. "What I know from being an investigator and dealing with parents in tragic situations like this -- homicides, kidnappings, stuff like that -- they just really couldn't much function other than to sit and wait for us to call," he told KATU.

What's wrong with this picture?

Do you think that Kyron's stepmom had something to do with his disappearance?


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