Beggar Gary Thompson Fakes Disability, Rakes In $100,000 A Year From Innocent People

Kentucky’s "bogus beggar" was exposed last year for ripping off generous people and now he has been seen panhandling in Louisville.

Gary Thompson, who feigns being both physically and mentally handicapped to ask for money from strangers, claims he pulls in $100,000 a year.

He draws sympathy from strangers by approaching them in a wheelchair and slurring his speech on purpose so it seems like he has a mental disability, cops say.

Thompson, who claims to have a degree in speech pathology that he uses to perfect his voice, has previously been arrested at least nine times in Kentucky, according to Lex18.

"I won't do it anymore. I'm definitely done panhandling. Definitely,” he told WBKO.

But he clearly has not learned his lesson. Thompson’s called his actions an “addiction.”

A WAVE 3 reporter spotted Thompson recently in downtown Louisville on Wednesday, panhandling in front of McDonald’s and a gas station convenience store. He changed his clothes often to fit the scenario. WAVE recorded a video of him with a group of men, trading small white pills.

When Thompson approached the reporter, he introduced himself as Gary Davis.

"Please help, fell out of my wheelchair today, all my coins, somebody take it. Need bus fare get back home. Hit by truck 9-year-old, but I no hurt that bad, left side. Gary Davis, nice to meet you," Thompson said in his slurred voice.

The man panicked when the reporter pulled out a more noticeable camera and started recording.

"Not doing no deal," Thompson said. "Put me off camera don't want to be on camera. I don't do nothing wrong.”

"I not faking nothing," he said, giving the reporter a quick wink and a smile after the cameras were turned off.

Thompson began his fraudulent scheme in Austin, Texas, where he received a $2.5 million settlement from Honda after getting into a car crash — money that he ended up blowing through.

Sources: Lex18, WBKO, Fox 5 Vegas


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