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Beer for Dogs, Really!

Ever wish you could share your darkest fears and wildest fantasies with your best friend over a beer and know your secrets are safe forever?  Well, your wish can now come true!

Dog beer is available, minus the toxic hops used in regular beer that can be life-threatening to dogs.  And also without risking your pooch becoming an alcoholic.


Bowser Beer of Phoenix, Arizona, just announced it has developed the first beer just for dogs, according to World Records Academy. Your four-legged BFF can now be your drinking buddy, too.

The family-owned 3 Busy Dogs company says Bowser Beer is non-alcoholic and combines a mixture of malt barley and homemade chicken or beef broth in two varieties: Beefy Brown Ale for beef lovers and Cock-a-Doodle Brew for chicken eaters, also in Low-Cal for weight watchers, and setting the world record for the first beer for dogs.

Bowser Beer first debuted at a Pet Expo in Arizona and now is available nationally and internationally.  enny Brown, creator of Bowser Beer tells us, “If you go to London, be sure to stop in the pet department of Harrods and get a special edition of Bowser Beer, with an English Bulldog on it, of course!” Bowser Beer sells for just under $3 a bottle and about $16 for a six-pack.

Although Bowser Beer is the only dog beer that comes in two flavors and offers a Low-Cal option, it is not the first beer made for dogs.


Happy Tail Ale by Dog Star Brewing in Napa Valley, California, was first distributed in 2005.  This brewing company was started after Jamie and Kevin Miller took their Akita camping and found him knocking over their beer bottles so he could gulp down the contents. They knew that alcohol, hops, and carbonation were bad for their pet, so they experimented and soon developed an all-natural beverage made with malted barley, filtered water, glucosamine, vitamin E, and beef flavoring. 

Jamie told the Napa Valley Register she hopes to sell private label dog beer to pet store chains, adding a chicken-flavored "Off Leash Lager" and vegetarian version.

It is described as, “a nonalcoholic beer beverage treat that pups are yelping for,” and the perfect gift for the dog who has everything.

KWISPELBIER  (“Dog Beer” from Holland)

Kwispelbier, Dutch-made “Dog Beer” was introduced in May 2008 in the UK before being launched nationwide. “Kwispel” is the Dutch word for “tail wagging.”

Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the town of Zelhem, created the beer for her Weimaraners. Made from beef extract and malt ,“The beer is fit for human consumption,” she says.

The drink contains malt barley extract. "There's potassium, protein and fats in there. There's nothing to harm them. It also encourages drinking, which is good for the kidneys, and is a great source of vitamin B.”

 But at euro1.65 ($2.14) a bottle, it’s about four times more expensive than a Heineken.

A spokesman for the brewers says you can now share a beer while watching your favorite sporting event with your best friend.

Ever wished you could buy your four-legged buddy a beer?   

Kwispelbier asks us to “share the moment.”  Don’t miss this:


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