Because of New Laws, Fewer Marijuana Criminals this Christmas


By Steph Sherer

The world is changing, and you are making it happen!

Today, medical associations like the American Medical Association, The College of Physicians, and the National Board of Pharmacies are weighing in on cannabis therapeutics as a medical option.

The new administration has set policies to stop federal interference with our state laws. States are embracing real access models. The CA Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court have confirmed that federal laws do not preempt state medical cannabis laws. Congress is pushing for Department of Justice oversight through legislation and political pressure.

And finally, Congress has lifted the ban on the DC medical marijuana laws, which means I will no longer be a criminal in my home!

Seven years ago, ASA was founded to build a strong grassroots movement to protect patients and their rights to safe and legal access. At the time of ASA’s conception, the national debate over medical cannabis was only a question of whether patients should be arrested and prosecuted.

By bringing the patient’s voice to the table, we have brought the real concerns of patients into the debate: access and patients’ civil rights.

Today, we are over 50,000 strong and we are shaping the current political landscape. The nation is no longer asking “if” patients should have safe and legal access to medical cannabis, but “how.”

Your support of ASA has helped make this happen. In 2009 alone, we:

-- Worked closely with the new administration to help promote and craft a better federal policy on medical cannabis

-- Helped to overturn the ban on medical cannabis in Washington, DC

-- Protected patients’ right to possess medicine in any state where it is legal, with a big legal win in Garden Grove, CA

-- Worked with US Representative Sam Farr (D-CA) to introduce HR 3939, the Truth In Trails Act, to protect patients in federal court

-- Forced the State of California to stop revoking patients’ drivers licenses.

-- Assisted the American Medical Association to reverse its 72 year old position by declaring that cannabis DOES have therapeutic value.

-- Worked with cities and counties throughout the state of California and elsewhere to promote sensible regulations for medical cannabis. One example is LA’s soon-to-be-passed ordinance.

-- And much more!

This year has been our best yet, but there is still much to do. Many of the protections we have won could change with a new administration. Next year, ASA will continue its push to ensure further federal protections while implementing new state laws across the country. We will implement safe access in Washington DC, pass new legislation in Maryland, and aggressively challenge dispensary bans in California through high profile lawsuits.

It is my holiday wish that next year hundreds of thousands of Americans will enjoy the same protections to safe and legal access that I now have. Please help me make this wish come true by making an end of the year donation to ASA.

I need your help to build on this momentum, so that together we can achieve our goal – safe access to medical cannabis for everyone who needs it We need to raise $500,000 more for our 2010 budget, and I hope you will make this happen.

Happy Holidays from ASA!


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