Beaver Attack Kills Fisherman by Severing Artery


A fisherman in Belarus was killed by a beaver when he went for a trip at Lake Shestakov. 

When the man saw the beaver on the side of the road, he pulled over and approached it. But before he could attempt to help the animal, it jumped on him and dug its sharp teeth into his thigh, severing a major artery.

Though his friends tried to stop the blood from spurting out of the wound, they were unable to stop it and the man bled to death.

Experts say that beaver attacks are rare, and those that bite humans are likely rabid.

While it is rare, there are a number of cases where a beaver attacked a human. Last year, a beaver attacked two girls when they were swimming at a lake. They were left with serious injuries.

In the same year, a Boy Scout leader Normand Brousseau was attacked by a rabid beaver at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Pennsylvania.

Brousseau, 51, of Pine Plains, New York, was attacked by a beaver when he was swimming in a river on a noodle floating device.

Once he was bitten and scratched by the animal, Brousseau was taken to land by his friend. Luckily, Brousseau survived with only minor injuries.

People often mistake beavers for very tame creatures, but because they are the second largest rodents in the world, they have a lot of unexpected strength and speed.'

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror


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