Beauty Pageant Runner-Up, Reality TV Star Hopeful Drops Big Secret


U.K. resident Pammy Rose, 22, is blazing quite a trail these days. After finishing second in the “Face of Sunderland” beauty pageant earlier this year, Rose is now gunning to become a contestant on the hit television show “Big Brother.” But now, in the midst of her success, Rose is dropping a big secret on the world: She was born a boy.

Rose, who is currently on a waiting list for a full sex-change operation, was born Paul Witten. She says she always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body – a classic sign of people with gender dysphoria.

“I was very feminine when I was younger,” Rose tells MailOnline. “I would run around the house with a T-shirt on my head pretending it was hair. I would tell my mum, 'I'm a girl and I don't belong in this body.'”

Now, with aspirations of fame, Rose wants people to see her as she’s always dreamed of being seen.

“It feels like I have been waiting forever,” she said. “I am a straight woman. I have always considered myself a woman but inside a man's body. I am ready to show the world this is who I am and I am not afraid to show it.”

Rose got through all but the last round of the Face of Sunderland beauty competition without the judges ever realizing she is transgender. She decided to tell the judges about her history to pave the way for future transgender participants.

“Until I told them in my interview, the organizers said they didn't even know I was transgender,” she says. “I felt like I had to tell them because I really wanted to promote different people entering the competition.”

If she lands a spot on "Big Brother," she’ll be the second transgender person to do so.

“I want to win Big Brother,” she says. “I am dying to get in there. I am a big fan of the show and I absolutely love reality TV. I want to be the second transgender to win Big Brother after Nadia [Almada].”

Source: MailOnline / Photo Credit: Seaham Star, Sunderland Echo


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