Beauty Instructor Barbara Daughenbaugh Accused of Forcing Students to Trim her Public Hair

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Seventeen students and employees of Dahl’s College of Beauty, in Great Falls, Montana, have filed a lawsuit, which claims the co-owner Barbara Daughenbaugh forced students to trim her public hair and look at boils on her rear before eventually expelling them without refunding their tuition, reports the NY Daily News.

Students claim that owners Douglas and Barbara Daughenbaugh have been charging $9,950 per person for courses, kicking students out and refusing to return the tuition.

Part of the lawsuit states: “Among the offensive and unwelcome conduct included the instructor publicly exposing her genitals, exposing her buttocks and requesting that students examine a boil to see if it could be extracted, requiring students to wax her pubic hair, using a student’s trimmers and wax stick to trim and wax her pubic hair that were, upon information and belief, then used on customer haircuts.”


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