Fair Punishment Or Abuse?: Dad Beats Son For Smoking Pot (Video)

The video of a father who beat his son after discovering he had been smoking marijuana has gone viral. It has also sparked controversy over whether the father was right in his choice of discipline towards his son.

The one-minute video (embedded below) was posted on May 31 to World Star Hip Hop’s YouTube channel.

The description for the video states that the father had told his son multiple times to not smoke marijuana in their home, reports Inquisitr. Since the son disobeyed his father, he was publicly humiliated and beaten in the street.

A neighbor captured the altercation on his cellphone.

In the video, the shirtless father repeatedly punches his son who has both arms up protecting his face.  The son tries to run away but the father pursues him, punching him again in the street next to a passing truck that the son falls into briefly.

The beating continues back on the sidewalk as the father punches his son in the face and head.

“I’m your father,” he yells at the boy.

“I know, I know,” the son responds after he falls to the ground.

The final words the father says to his son in the video as the beating comes to an end are, “Now you can get your keys and get the f**k out of my house.”

Over 10,000 comments have been posted about the video, with some supporting the father’s actions and others admonishing what he did.

“Father of the year, press charges and see who is still living in the house,” user Be Anonymous wrote.

“That's not disciple, that's child abuse bruh,” Lenox Ave. wrote.

“Shoulda smoked that s**t out back man…,” user Sehsa commented.

“Just go outside next time. But since he's now homeless that should be easy to accommodate. Lmao,” user BandsUp commented.

“Why is it ok to assault children!??? if he did this to a stranger he would be arrested,” user AXL 26 wrote.

User TayCloudz_F**kToComments used the video to make a comment about the representation of race. He wrote, “Show me one video of a white guy knockin his son out .... we gotta stop this shit .. yall wonder why we are treated the way we are treated …”

Steve-o 281 replied directly to him with: “I’m a white guy. I'm not trailer trash or anything, but I also didn't grow up in the suburbs and my dad used to knock the fuck outta me for doing dumb shit. I understand your point completely TayCloudz, just please know it happens every where.”

“You right ... It probably does ... but black people are in the spotlight wen it comes to this stuff ... and its gonna stay that way if we continue to show no difference ..,” TayCloudz responded.

Sources: Inquisitr, WSHH/YouTube

Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube


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