Bear Tries to Eat Monkey During Circus Performance (Video)

A video (below) shot at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park during its "Wild Animal Olympics" starts off cute with two monkeys racing a bear on bicycles.

The audience cheers and laughs until one of the monkeys crashes his bike and the bear steers his bicycle over to the crash scene.

The bear then attacks the helpless monkey, which is stuck under its bicycle.

The circus workers try to pull the bear off the poor chimp, while other circus employees get the other monkey out of the area.

Finally, three workers appear to free the monkey by hitting the bear with sticks.

The date of the video is unknown, but the Daily Mail reports the park stated in 2006 that the animal "Olympic" event had been canceled "out of consideration for the safety of our visitors."

Other bizarre stunts in the show included boxing bears, kangaroos boxing people and monkeys as weightlifters.

Source: Daily Mail


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