Bear Launches Attack Against Car Belonging To Hunter Who Shot Him (Photos)


After a hunter shot it in its leg, an angry bear decided to get revenge while the man was sleeping, and the aftermath was captured on camera.

According to reports, an unnamed hunter and two of his friends were hunting in a Siberian forest when they stumbled upon a large brown bear. The hunter shot the bear in its leg, which forced it to run away, but what happened that night while he slept shocked him.

While the hunter was fast asleep, the furious bear decided to rip apart the man’s car, leaving no piece intact.

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“The animal ran amok: It scratched the Ford's body, broke the lights, smashed the windscreen, tore the front and rear seats, and ripped off the rear bumper,” the Siberian Times reported. “The owner shook his head in disbelief.”

Surprisingly, the bear seemed to know which vehicle belonged to the man who shot him, as he left the two other cars belonging to the hunter’s friends completely unharmed.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Express, Siberian Times


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