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Bear Cruelty at a Roadside Zoo in North Carolina

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For years, a lone declawed bear named Ben has been confined around the clock to a cramped, barren pen at Jambbas Ranch Tours, a seedy roadside zoo in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Ben paces back and forth over and over again and bites the chain-link walls of his cage, pushes against them, and reaches his paws under them.

A bear expert who reviewed footage of Ben for PETA explained that with these sad behaviors, Ben is trying to tell us something—he wants out! (Please visit the site to view this media)

PETA has been in contact with Cumberland County officials sincelast summer,requesting the enforcement of a county law that prohibits the possession of bears, raccoons, foxes, and alligators. Jambbas owner James Bass has all these types of animals in his possession, and he keeps them in substandard, miserable conditions.

But so far, no action has been taken. In fact, PETA recently learned that rather than enforcing the law, Cumberland County commissioners amended the ordinance to exempt Jambbas at Bass' request.

PETA has arranged for Ben and some of the other illegally possessed animals to go to sanctuaries where they will receive the care that they deserve, but charges against Bass may be dismissed in light of this recent ordinance change.

Now it is up to Cumberland County District Attorney William West to prosecute Bass when he appears in court on April 11. You can help by contacting District Attorney William West and encouraging him to uphold the law and send these animals to sanctuaries.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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