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Bear Enters North Carolina Home Through Unlocked Door

A North Carolina woman got a big surprise when she discovered a bear entered her Asheville home by opening an unlocked door.

The homeowner Mya, said she noticed the door to her daughter's apartment over the detached garage was open while her daughter was at work on Oct. 13.

Mya went inside to check on the apartment and saw the bear inside.

"I wasn't happy," she told ABC 13. "I was more excited than scared. I just wanted to make sure my dog and I were safe."

Mya then left and called 911. She said the bear appeared to be trying to get out of the apartment.

"I was watching her at the window clawing and knocking the blinds down and she was just frantic," Mya said. "I saw her knock the blinds down and try to get out, but she couldn't."

Not surprisingly, the bear ended up causing some damage. It finally left after a first responder went into the garage and hit the ceiling.

"My damage was minimal compared to what it could have been," Mya said. "So I feel fortunate, and I'm fortunate that the bear wasn't harmed and was able to leave. I hope she doesn't come back."

Mya added that she will be more careful about keeping her doors locked from now on.

Sources: ABC 13, WSOC TV / Photo credit: WSOC TV


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