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Bear Cub Found Taking Nap In Pizzeria (Photos)

A Colorado Springs, Colorado, pizzeria got a strange surprise on Sept. 14 when a bear cub got into the restaurant and took a nap in the back office.

It is unclear where the bear came from, but she was first seen near the city's Palmer High School. The police resource officer at the school, Blanca Caro, said that the bear almost caused a lockdown.

The school never had to do that because the cub made her way to Louie's Pizza. 

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"I started heading west on Boulder and that's when I got flagged down by an employee at Louie's Pizza," Caro told The Gazette, according to Mashable. 

The bear cub entered through an open door at the pizzeria and played with pizza supplies before falling asleep on a storage shelf.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife found the bear asleep and reportedly malnourished, with an open wound on one of her paws. She was taken to a nearby rehab facility to recover.

Parks & Wildlife spokesman Matt Robbins said that once the cub recovers, they will release her back into the wild.

The cub appears to have been alone.

"We have not gotten any reports of the momma bear in the area," Caro said. "That's a good thing."

Sources: Mashable, UPI / Photo credit: Colorado Springs Police Department via Mashable


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