A great white shark that washed up on a Cape Cod beach Monday is now safely back in the ocean, thanks to beachgoers who repeatedly poured water on it (video below).

According to a witness, the 7-foot young male shark got stuck in a sandbar while trying to catch a seagull for lunch.

"There was no way for the shark to get to where it could swim, so it just kept flapping and moving over," witness Kelly Skanell told WCVB.​

“I was a little afraid, but I could tell [the shark] wasn’t moving anytime soon because the shore was going way out,” beachgoer Isabelle Hegland told CBS Boston. "It was approaching towards low tide, so it was becoming increasingly difficult for the shark to keep its gills wet and be able to breathe."

The video shows good Samaritans on the beach pouring buckets of water onto the shark to try and keep it alive until officials could take over.

Shark expert Greg Skomal and his team arrived and were able to tie a rope around the shark’s tail and tow it out to open water, reports CBS Boston. The rescue effort took nearly an hour, according to WCVB.

"Last year, we know that sharks were in that area, and that it got shallow and it was hard for them to get out," Cynthia Wigren, of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, says in the video. "It was hard for them to get out, but for a shark to be beached is a big deal."

At least three great white sharks have been spotted in the same area within the last week, but this is the first time one has beached, notes WCVB.

Sources: WCVB, CBS Boston
Photo Credit: Youtube


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